A friend and I formed a band in the last couple of years. She's on bass and vocals and I'm guitar, vocals and songwriting.
In the past year we brought in a friend who plays guitar and also writes songs. Mostly he plays leads on my songs, but I have encouraged the idea that we should work on his original material as well.
All of the gear in the studio is mine. I also pay the rent on the studio.
My friend the bassist is new to music, in fact I taught her how to play.
The rent is supposed to be split 3 ways. At first our newest member would bring his own guitar and pay his third of the rent.
We even recorded a DIY EP. After a few months this guy stopped bringing his guitar and began using my second guitar, an axe that I had to trade a few pieces of gear for as well as use cash and credit. I sweated to get that guitar. Also I have a high cc debt for all the investments I have made to create my band. Over the past few months this new band member has not been paying his share of the rent.
Despite my repeated attempts to ask for his share he still does not pay and does not bring his own guitar. We also have been giving him a lot of creative space by practicing his songs. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy playing on other people's songs, but I have now become so resentful of his refusal to contribute financially and to be responsible for his own gear. I have been thinking for some time about cutting him loose from the band. The biggest problem is that my original partner the bass player enjoys playing with him. I don't have anything personal against the guy but his actions have made me resentful and hostile about having him around. My partner wants me to have a talk with him but it is my belief he knows full well what's going on. I know that despite his contributions he is bringing my band energy and my enthusiasm down.
A fan even mentioned she felt his energy was pulling away from original focus of the band. Now even though my partner understands this situation she is new to music and bands and is just enamoured with playing someone else along with me. If I keep him in I get hurt, if I let him go she gets hurt. Thoughts and advice would be most welcomed.
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I would choose the person with the most valuable features for the band, but not only professional characteristics like the ability to play or sing, but also would take into consideration the availability of trust between you and that person. If I thought he or she could leave the band without any notice, I would let him or her go... That's only my point of view..

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