Hello everyone! I'm a bass player who's looking to give the guitar a try, so I don't want to go over $500.

I'd like a versatile guitar, as I can be listening to blues one minute and metal the next.

Some candidates so far have been the Jackson Adrian Smith Signature SDX (I am and have always been a huge Maiden fan and the compound radius neck is a neat bonus), the B.C. Rich Mockingbird Masterpiece (I love the shape of the body), and the Gibson Melody Maker Special. If anybody has any experience with one of these, please share them. If you have another guitar in mind, please share that as well

Thanks in advance!
hardtail Ibanez RG.

RG's have a huge range of sounds in them, and running a hardtail will let you change tunings super easily.
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Your title says OVER $500

I'd go with a hardtail Ibanez S series.
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Mah gear

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Quote by reincarnator
Your title says OVER $500

I'd go with a hardtail Ibanez S series.

Agreed with both points.

Ibanez S series are really comfy and really light.
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The other chaps are absolutely right that an Ibanez RG or S series hard tail would work well. They play really nicely and are built quite well. However, the stock pickups they have are not great.

I think this guitar would work better for you than what they have recommended or you have selected. It has good pickups, is neck-through and has a compound radius fretboard which you seemed to like. It costs a bit more than $500, but not by that much.

For a Maiden fan on a budget you could always pick up a MIM Strat and drop Hot Rails in it. Should cover all the typical blues and rock territory.
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