what's up UG, used to really post a lot but life got crazy and i stopped for years. used to fuck around in the thrash thread a lot, but i digress.
to any wandering eyes that check this out, my band Rollin' Loaded released two independent EP's in 2012 (Up in Smoke in June, Riptide in December), both of which are up for free download on the internet. we play what i suppose i would call fast, loud, bluesy hard rock with an inescapable amount of punk or thrash influence and the slightest amount of psychedelic sounds, so if that sounds like something up your alley check it out!
download some shit, share it, do whatever you do. we're just tryin to write some badass tunes and get 'em out there and rage

and some live shit...

EDIT: damn i didn't know UG imbedded videos and such now, fancy shit man
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