--- alternative - blues - pop ---

Special Bruise is the recently formed concoction of Steve Theofanous, Jay King and Tom Hilton & Jess Woods getting together in a cramped, poorly heated room, shouting at each other over cheap wine.

Trying to put out a combination of rock solid power pop with adventurous musical ideas and largely plagiarized lyrics. Influenced by everyone from Frank Zappa to Frank Ocean,

Special Bruise are a constantly evolving heap of ideas producing, but more importantly, enjoying music.

It would really mean a lot if some of you guys could give us a listen!
I spend far too much of my time on ultimate-guitar, so it seems only right i post it out there to you guys.
We feel there is quite a mix of stuff there, as we all like a mix of rock, blues, pop, rnb, and hardcore-Belgian-polka!

Our first few tracks:

And our second few tracks:

If you like what you hear, hit us up on Facebook!

Cheers, and much love
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We're currently working on an EP, and soon after an album to dish out wherever we can.

To get the ball rolling we thought we'd record a couple rather casual covers around the house which as become our makeshift studio.
It'd be awsome if some of you guys could give us a listen and provide some feedback.

Cry Me a River - Justin Timberlake

Novacane - Frank Ocean

They're just really us having a bit of fun, and not the best recordings, but the upcoming originals are sounding pretty polished right now!