Hi guys, i just heard this song (i assume it is indie), and i really liked it.
Can you guys reccomend me good indie bands to start with? Maybe something similar to this? Thanks.
Two Door Cinema Club & Alt J are two that come to mind when i think indie Hope you like them.
Try Into It. Over It., Minus the Bear, Of Monsters and Men, and The Silversun Pickups. All great indie music.
Minus The Bear is one of my favorite bands, likely seeing them in about a month. Everything before Omni is golden, and Infinity Overhead is pretty good. Omni has some solid tracks but is kinda meh overall.

Others: Portugal. The Man, The Joy Formidable, Cloud Nothings (Attack On Memory, specifically) and This Town Needs Guns.

Oh shit, just realized Anthony Green was in the OP. Check out Circa Survive, his band if you haven't. All their stuff's awesome.
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