So I've seen plenty of people saying the lower end BC Rich guitars are really shitty, but I found this BC Rich Bronze on craigslist listed for $60. Is it worth getting? I can't get much of a good metal sound with my strat and I've been looking for a cheap second guitar better for playing metal and I don't know. It seems to be in good condition I'm going to check it out tomorrow. Could it be modified to be somewhat decent?
Buy it. Play a show. Play last song. Smash the fvck out of it.
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You can get a schecter omen 6 for about $100. It's not a "good" guitar, but it's probably a lot better than a BC Rich.
I was thinking of getting a bronze a long time ago, but never did and I'm kinda glad. The main complaints I hear are:
Go out of tune so easy it's ridiculous
Chip easily
Sound like crap

They're kinda just guitars they sell to dumb kids that want something that looks cool.
They are truly the worst guitars in my experience. Take your $60 and put it toward any other guitar.

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Only BC Rich guitars I've played were from the 80's, you know, when Warlocks were cool and built pretty sturdy.

I think with all the upgrades you would want to make you might as well wait and get a better guitar.
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I had a BC Rich Bronze Warlock as one of my first guitars. Didn't know much about guitars at the time and all I had was a Squier strat. The BC Rich wasn't a great guitar but it definitely gave me a much better metal sound than that old strat. Nowadays the BC is in a closet somewhere rotting away. It's not a great guitar and won't hold up over time, but if you're looking for something cheap and easy and flashy, and don't intend to use it for much more than metal, it's definitely worth at least $60 (assuming it actually works). Alternatives to consider are cheaper Ibanez or if you like the fat necks, Schecters can sometimes be had for cheap, although I have no experience with the cheap versions.
Well, the schecter omen-6 is built like a tank and it stays in tune ok. It has a string-through design and the tuners feel okay. For a beginning metal guitar, it seems like about the best $100 you can spend. Of course, doubling or tripling that budget will get you a far superior guitar, which is why I don't have mine anymore.
I personally would not, but if you like the feal/playability of it, why not for $60. Just remember if you do like it and want to buy it and upgrade it, use a site like www.guitarfetish.com so you can get some diecent upgrade parts and pickups with out breaking the bank.

I have a cheap Dean EVO XM that was utter crap when I got it (it was free) and I have spent $130ish on all new tuners,hardware,electronics and pickups from them and it is actually a diecent playing and good sounding guitar
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My first store bought guitar was the BC Rich, and just because it looks metal, doesn't mean it sounds metal.

A squier is sufficent enough to be metal, just not the super cheap ones that are gonna be the same as that BC Rich.
I would take peoples advice, cause as a teen, I chose the BC Rich purely for its looks. I didn't even bother with anything else. I ended up trashing it, after I did some experiments on it!

With later purchases, I did the same thing a handful of times, till I finally got it, and actually waited a couple months, and tried countless guitars, and found the right ones that I wanted to keep.

What I normally do:

Search GC and play the guitars that I drooled about on the internet all night. Then take one home with the insurance, which gives you 2 months full return.

I will normally keep it for a weekend or a few weeks, then even if I love it, I will go try another and compare it. I also will record the same scales and songs in ableton, with no add ons, just all the same settings on guitar and software, so I compare there sounds. Of course even video recording yourself play can help you remember what it sounded like.

I will take the one I really want home sometimes, and save up during the next 2 months, and then get a better one, and so on(its like a guitar savings account, with a rental guitar).

That way you can have your "epiphone" now, and having your Gibson later. This also allows you to know the prices of the ones you like(going to store on weekly basis helps a lot), so when prices drops or used ones come in, you can swoop up on it. Finding a guitar on a lower price that isn't instant rebate, allows you to also use a 15% coupon. I did this last year, and got a $1400 Gibson Studio for $1000.

Of course, if your really into it which lots of people are, including myself. I would suggest buying a guitar from:


They have Korean replica gibson guitars for the fraction of the price(quite honestly their price/performance is unbeatable). Were talking Gibson Studio/Standard type guitars for less than $500. The only problem, you can't play before you buy and there not made in USA.

But an Al 2000 is $225, and you will have a guitar with a Flame Maple Top in Cherry Sunburst Flame. Hell for $300, you can get two SX series guitars, one a tele and one a LP Gold Top.