I like it. Keep it short, sometimes when you try to make a song a respectable length you just ruin it.
The higher pitch synth/guitar right before the first vocals has a harsh tone for my ears, but I'm sensitive to the sort of thing. I like the drums & the melodies & the vocals. I wouldn't mind if you did a copy & paste job to make the song longer because I think it's too short in my opinion: I wouldn't get bored, I don't think. I like it for the most part. Please review my music at this link:

i really like the drums and how the guitar came in. the way the high scale pitch came in with the accompanying acoustic was sick. im not a big fan of the vocals as im not fond of that style of music but when you say "in a golden cage" it starts to sound more on-key and suits the music. i also like the fill shortly following it. overall, its a good song. sounds kind of like something 'gorillaz' would do
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