I'm thinking of investing in a new bass rig, my band plays Hard rock/hardcore punk kind of music, so i'm just wondering what I can get relatively cheap.

I DONT WANT TO BREAK THE BANK, as my band and I only play small venues, so i don't want to spend more than £600, I've already looked up what bass I want so all i'm thinking of is an amp and if i should get a DI box and such.

Any help would be much obliged.
have you considered a TC Electronic BH 500?
a BH 500 head and two 2 X 12 cabs come in at around £575 from guitarguitar.
i find that they are a more oldschool style in appearance, but sound fantastic. i have played through fender amps, ashdown (terrible) and ampeg. overall i prefer the TC gear, but hey, thats just me
Look at the offerings from Hartke. I believe they are available in the U.K., and they should have a few that fit into your budget and suit your needs.
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There are some suggestions in this thread.

A Peavey Tour TNT 115 would be adequate in my opinion, if it's available. Around £450.

600W, 7-band graphic EQ, Active/Passive pickup switch, etc.
And Peavey amps are built to last.
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Hi James, that's a hell of a budget really and I'd strongly advise going used. It looks like you are in the fairly early stages and you may want to upgrade, apart from getting value for money used you can usually get most of your money back out when you upgrade, the gear loses half it's value as you carry it out of the shop door if you buy new.

The first bit of advice is to choose your kit on how it sounds not on name or someone else's recommendation. We each have different enough tastes that there is no substitute for listening. Become a 'gear stalker' start going to gigs and homing in on the bassists gear. talk to them in the interval if it is a local gig and you'll soon identify sounds you prefer and what gear produces that sound.

Have a think about how you are going to transport your gear too. You aren't going to put an 8x10 into most small cars and I had one of those Peavey 2x15's They sound great but carrying them up a flight of stairs is no fun at all.

You might want to consider buying two identical cabs. Say a couple of 2x10's rather than a single 4x10, then for smaller gigs you can take one speaker and the bigger ones will need both.

Go for an amp with DI built in, almost all of them have this feature anyway.

So long as your amp is 200W or more you are going to be loud enough but be aware some speakers are much louder than others so each watt will count for more.

I just picked up a Hartke LH500 amp used for £100 and you can buy some good sounding cabs for £1-200 so you should have a good range of options open to you. Try the for sale section in Basschat http://basschat.co.uk/forum/20-amps-and-cabs-for-sale/

Good luck and have fun choosing