I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place (just joined), but i couldn't really find this question being asked. Anyway, I bought a new 2011 walnut les paul special with p90s and noticed that the binding on neck (odd for a lp special, I know) was a little unleveled. By unleveled, I mean that there is sort of an indent between where the actual neck is, and the binding. It isn't a gap, but a sort of height difference. It's like you can feel the line between the neck and binding all the way down the neck with your fingernail. If anyone has a solution to this problem, that would be greatly appreciated, as well as some navigation.
Pictures or it does not exist.

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It's quite literally impossible to see it with any camera I have....or eyes. I think I'll work on my imagery and description skills while I save up for a unit camera.
Thanks anyway!
The majority of Gibson neck bindings are like that.

The solution would be to get another one until you got one that didn't have it.
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Wood and plastics shift as the temperature changes. It's very common for guitars that are a few decades old to have all sorts of gaps and raised or recessed edges where one part has shrunk or expanded at a different rate to the other parts around it. This is one of the biggest reasons why simpler guitars tend to survive in better condition than elaborate ones.

Of course, manufacturing errors do happen, too. But most of the time, especially int he coldest and hottest months, it's the temperature-induced shrinking and expanding that is the problem.
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I read a post on another forum that dealt with the same issue, the guy sent the guitars supplied back 3 times until he gave up, I dont remember the model but it was a bound neck Gibson Les Paul. Each one was exactly the same as far as the fault decribed went, there was a large (.5mm or more) gap where the neck seemed to be wider than the binding. Im not entirely surprised by this, I went to my local store last week and looked at about 20 Les Pauls and all of them had faults with the finish, particularly the binding on most. One was a Les Paul Black Widow, one of 25 in the world and there is a huge gouge in the fret board between the nut and the first fret. They still want $9000 for it though. I was pretty dissapointed because I could not find any faults worth mentioning with the Epiphone LP's. Gibson gets you lots of things, aesthetic quality control sure isnt one of them.
BTW, I love Gibson LP's to bits so dont go calling me a hater cos that shit aint true.
The vast majority of Gibby LPs and SGs have a neck binding that looks like that.

Even the number of vintage one I've been in close contact to are the same.

I'd hardly call it a fault. Just one of the quirks you get with hand built guitars.
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