OK im a bigginner and my practice amp is a Fender Frontman 10 and although im happy with it right now.Im not hearing that I made a wise decision with it.I would not be in a big hurry to upgrade.But was thinking if I could get some advise on what to look for.I could wait and watch for a good deal on used or a nice sale on a new amp.

When I bought my Fender Frontman 10 I did not realise there were things like background effects and hooking it to the computer and fancy things like that.I still do not really understand what those things will do for me completly however.

I live between Chicago and Bloomington Illinois area and Guitar Center at Joliet is a store I shop from time to time.

My style is Country,Southern Rock,and possibly some Blues

I have never experimented with pedals so not sure if thats something for future or not im sure maybe a distortion pedal at some point?

I am not looking for something to blow the windows out or raise the roof or make my neighbors mad.Just nice clean sounding.That would not take up a lot of space.

Should I be looking for solid state or tube?Im surprised tube equipment is still available?Also not sure what Modeling and terms like that would do for me?

My budget would be around $200.00 to $300.00 could be less and could be a little more depending on what it could do for me.I would prefere new but if there was a huge savings for well taken care of equipment that would interest me.What should I be looking for?I would have a hardtime spending $300.00 for used equipment but would be fine for new.

I would just use it for personal home use no Gigs or anything like that in my future.

So far what has caught my eye online are the Fender Mustang series amps but I am open to suggestions.My Guitar is a Squire Modified Surf if that would make a differance on what I should be considering?
If you're happy with the Frontman, just keep that and use it. It's fine. You can upgrade later. If you really feel the need to buy something that's more highly regarded, and has a few effects and such, maybe try a Peavey Vypyr 15 or 30. Fender Mustang would be fine too.

Tube amps are generally considered more "toneful". They warm up the tone in a way solid state can't (though they're getting closer). It's not necessary as a beginner and adds a level of upkeep cost over time--you'll eventually have to replace the tubes; it's easy to do yourself. If you wanted to go that route, you could try a Peavey Vypyr 60. That way you have the effects and some tube warmth. You'd also have the recording out if you ever decided you wanted it.
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+1 on keeping the frontman. If you like it, then I see no reason to get something else. Eventually you may decide you don't like it, worry about it then.
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I agree, keep it until you grow out of it. Honestly, that's probably going to come after not too long. But if you like it, just keep it until you don't want it anymore. However, if you want a cheap, clean amp with built-in effects and direct recording, the Mustang is probably the best choice. The Vypyr is better for dirt, the Mustang better for cleans....and Spiders are good for nothing
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Yes like I said in the begining im not in a hurry.Just if something nice came along.I am happy with my little Frontman for now.I had a guitar friend stop by over the weekend and he looked over my new equipment and said I did real good on my new Squire electric guitar and my Yamaha accoustic guitar.But his words were I should have put more effort into purchasing my amp! He asked what it cost and when I said $59.95 he said they seen me coming.He said the amp does not let me get the most from my guitar.Was kind of a let down.
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If it sounds good to you, that's all that matters.
RG351DX - Bridge Dragonfire Screamer, Mid+Neck Fender Hot Noiseless
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Well I could not stand it any longer.I broke down and got my self a new Fender Mustang I and im glad I did.I was having a hard time getting the sound I wanted from the Frontman 10 and now I here what I was missing.I like that I can put in my own presets and after that I do not have to try to get the sound I want I just select it.Before everything sounded to Bassie or muddy.Now I get the twang I was looking for.Wish I would have spent the extra $40.00 to start with.

I have not hooked it up to my computer and not sure if I will at this point but I sure like this upgrade.