Hey people,i recently got a budget of more or less 350-450 bucks and im looking for a nice acoustic guitar.I read the pages for guitars of the 350-450 range on the forums and other sites.The Seagull S6 and Big baby taylor seem to be good choices.I do understand that i should try out the guitars myself and make a choice,however,i'd like some opinions on the guitars before going to the faraway store to try them out.

Also,i was thinking of ordering the guitars from Musicians's Friend.What are your thoughts on the site?Any drawbacks?If there are any other nice guitars out there please name them too.I played for about 2-3 years and am still using a starter classical yamaha.I play mostly fingerstyle songs,some mainstream pop music,a few classical ish pieces.

Thanks any feedback is appreciated.
Musician's Friend is as good or better than any site on the web to do business with. "zZounds' is another class "A" online music outlet. I routinely do business with both of them and never had a complaint.

Both sites offer phone ordering, and the case of Musician's Friend, discounts that can't be published, or may be denied on the website, can be negotiated on the phone.
i found the seagull s6 to be more versatile than the big baby - fuller, more balanced. others i like are the blueridge br-40, yamaha fg730.

you might also consider recording king. they make good sounding dreads in a traditional martin style including this all solid model. amazing bang for the buck!

and this solid top model

and elderly is a great store, btw.

i've been ordering from musiciansfriend since 1994, and have always been very happy. when they sent me a guitar with an issue, they paid return shipping and replaced it very quickly.
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I own a Yamaha FG730S. It's an amazing guitar

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Taylor, Seagull S6, Yamaha FG, all get my vote too. And I'll add a Cort Earth 700. All really decent guitars for the money.
as you say, you play mostly fingerstyle. the Seagull S6 would be a natural first choice. are you looking for an electric/acoustic or a regular acoustic only? the onboard tuner comes in handy and the option to plug it in and use a few simple effects later is a tasty option. the options everyone else has are an excellent palette of choices.
hey guys,just went to the guitar shop.i managed to try the seagull and a guild guitar.any opinions on guild as a brand?ill be making more trips and ill try the big baby too on my next one.chheers

EDIT:Found out that i cannot ship the seagull s6 or the taylor big baby to Singapore from musiciansfriend and locally they sell the seagull at $810 including a hard case..any solutions?
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