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i am happy plastic
8 26%
i am sad flesh
23 74%
Voters: 31.
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Quote by Saint78
true, i did adopt the way i type from other users, but i am nothing like any of those other users. no users delivered me from my old favorite type of music either. that was after i listened to a certain album, which i discovered myself, that changed my perspective on music entirely. i'm not accusing anyone of being plastic either. i'm just making statements about what i think. i also never said i wasn't plastic. i claimed someone was plastic attacking the flesh on the first page, but that was in jest. everyone must of missed that b/c they were too busy being hostile for no apparent reason. i just wanted to have a discussion, but apparently i'm too young to have an actual discussion with anyone on here. i really don't get why everyone was so hostile immediately (excluding a few people who actually took part in the discussion).

i was going to reply tomorrow, but i was afraid i would forget.

I think the reason you get so much flak lays all in how you present yourself. You didn't start it by defining what each of the terms meant, you started off with post ironic speak about fake people and genuine people. If you wanted to have an honest discussion, make an honest OP that doesn't make everyone resent you.

The age thing goes in two ways. One, you're young, and people just like ribbing you for it. It's part of life, and there's not really malice behind it. You're the noob. The novice. It happens. Just let it roll off and continue on. I get a load of shit from my friends because they've all been friends for years, and I just started hanging out with them last year. It just happens, man. On the other hand, a lot of your views, ideas and behaviors are cliché tropes of what young teens do. That is why your delivery is of utmost importance. If you can start off on a strong post, that doesn't mock your audience, we're less inclined to call attention to that.

Another thing I've noticed about you is your try-hard vibes. It's not enough that you read Sartre, you NEED people to know it. It goes back to your delivery. You're a smart kid, taking on advanced readings at times but you're getting ahead of yourself and just assuming that since you've read these works, you've ascertained this mental high ground, when in all of your posts, it feels so vapid. I like you a lot, but you just need to learn to be yourself man. Great for reading those works, but give people respect in your approach to these subjects if you want to be taken seriously.
Every time I quote Confucius I'll begin with "Blake said" instead.

Blake said woman who cook carrots and peas in same pot is unsanitary.
Quote by MakinLattes
Every time I quote Confucius I'll begin with "Blake said" instead.

Blake said woman who cook carrots and peas in same pot is unsanitary.

Blake said some sex is good... More is better... Too much is just right.
But then the girl starts using you and you ask just to cuddle or to watch a movie and she leaves and then you curl up in your blankets of sorrow, waiting for a phone call that won't come
Blankets of sorrow.... I never use this face, but

Quote by Trowzaa
I wish I was American.

~ A Rolling Potato Gathers No Moss ~
Blake said among the appliances to transform the people, sound and appearances are but trivial influences.
Blake said when at a nudist wedding, you need not ask to find out who the Best Man is.
what does any of this shit mean.

you make it seem like having friends and interacting with humanity is being plastic..

the **** is that ..
Quote by TooktheAtrain
I'd rather be 'authentic' and contented. Happiness is overrated and temporary, contentment is lasting and fulfilling.


Also, I feel like I'm back in high school reading the OP. Only difference is, TS isn't getting his ass raped by his own underwear (aka "getting a wedgie").
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