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Got the fretboard glued on, and convinced someone to take some good pics for me. You can finally see the carved top that's been done for a month.

On the back we have the control cavity and a 45° bevel around the edge.

My guitar next to it's sister :P That's someone else's guitar, but that fretboard looks familiar, doesn't it? I sold him an extra piece I had(which now I wish I didn't, it's too damn beautiful).

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Looks great, the combination of the fanned board and beveled edges should look really sharp when its all tightened up.
Jesus christ that is one fucking gorgeous guitar.
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It looks fake

Care to explain? It's an absolutely beautiful guitar and I don't see anything that doesn't look real...
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It looks fake

You're obviously jealous.
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It looks fake

I'm going to put this in the 64%...

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You're obviously jealous.

I am jealous my ply wood guitar has met drawbacks but nothing major, anyways, cool build
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