Hi everyone,

Just would like to ask something that i don't know if there is already a software for this.
Is there some tool that with I can record my guitar on a mic or directly to my pc and be automatically converted to tab?

If there is can you tell the name of this software so I can download.
The recording part is easy, there's loads of info about that.

The converting to tab bit doesn't exist as far as I know though. Think about it. What if you played:


How would it know you hadn't just played this:

And that's just the simplest of examples. There would potentially be hundreds of ways to play whatever tune you played into it.
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A buddy of mine had this program where he could put the notes in and then he could move that to another program to transfer it to guitar tabs (or something like that). Anyway, when it got transferred to the tabs it turned out like the guy above said, where it showed this impossible tab because it couldn't tell the difference between the same note on different strings.

What do you need this for, anyway? I know if my band mates wanted to send me something long-distance to practice with, they either recorded it and tabbed it, or they tabbed it into a midi program. If you tell us what your goal is, we might be able to put you in the right direction.
As others have said it would be possible to identify pitch and there is software where you can put an audio file and it will guess the chords,
However some problems would be

-Duration/time signature/BPM

The whole point of "automatic tabbing" goes away if there's no way to tell which frets and strings you're using and for the most part things like palm mute and bends/vibrato would be impossible to detect without some sort of digital guitar

If you were making a some midi that's something else but midi is not tab and usually gives you awesome chord converts like 22-12-0 instead of x577
Here is an extremely complicated and long winded way of doing it:

Record your audio, then look up MIDI syncing for your DAW of choice. Then read this SOS article on how to do the horribly painful proccess of syncing your MIDI to your audio:


Then, when you're satisfied with your finished sync, export the selection/file as MIDI, then import into your tab software.

This is only a method, but there are 3 masssssive problems with doing it:

1. Unless you are incredibly ultra precise at playing your instrument or have patience for hours of quantizing, the tab will come out looking like a bunch of 32nd notes playing off beat.

2. Like GB posted, the software will be able to find the impact from the notes and define the 12 notes pretty alrightly, but it wont translate very well to tab at all when it comes to which note on what string, and will be very confusing if you aren't 100% in tune to 440hz A.

3. It probably wont take into account bends or triplets, or at least wont do a very good job with triplets.

As far as I know, there's no base software smart enough to do such a thing cuz its fairly niche and would probably be freeware.

This> http://www.jamorigin.com/midi-guitar/

Seems good too, so try that.

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there is an underutilized software/ hardware package created by God, recieved complimentry at birth. Its called your ears. Unfortuntely this technology has not been improved on in several thousand years, and to date the only real reliable method of converting from sound to tab. While i am being facetious, it really is the most efficient and pretty much your only option. I am surprised tho that we (people in general) have not created something like this yet.