second tune was better sounding as audio quality does make things a bit tough. comps sound ok thought musically from what we can tell. Are you just without a decent interface at the moment or what's holding your sound back?
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listened to the second one.

my critique 'of the music only' is: nice guitar work etc, but without a melody to follow the chords and their embellishing gets a little tedious. needs bass.

you just going DI through a dirt pedal? there are a million free amp simulators, and cab 'impulses' (and impulse loaders) that sound way better than that.

there are also a million free software programs you can get to beef up your recording, because the recording is the representation of your song. might be the greatest song in the world, but it'll still sound like S%$# if you don't invest in learning how to make it good for the listener.

compress and maximize my friend. seriously tho, get some bass.
I'm not that great with recording. You know when it comes to amp simulators and software programs etc. and i'm not too good with that stuff. And some bass would be great i know.
i really liked the intro to the 2nd one man. really trippy and a surprisingly original melody/ harmony. i liked how it echoed into the song and the drums were well done. i actually really liked the melody to that one, its really catchy and continous. keep up the good work man
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I like the second song better, so I'll review the second one: there are some occasional timing issues with this song. I like most of the guitar melodies & I like the cleaner guitar effects (I would use less distortion on the distorted guitar, but good you double-tracked it). Drums are OK. Lead guitar playing is good. Please review my music at this link: