that was awesome man! You guys all seemed to have alot of fun! looks like you the hole family in
Thanks Metal Turtle, it was a lot of fun putting it together. Always a good time getting the kids involved. A fun way to spend time together in the winter months! If you're going to be stuck inside, might as well make some metal!
Thanks Delboyuk_01 - I have got feedback from others that the main vox needed to come up too. (I am still pretty new to recording and learning a ton every day)!!
Sounded great. Some great guitar playing in there. I'm not sure which one is you though, lol. Anyway, the vocals could use a little cranking up I think, they weren't always audible.

Also, I like how you got your(?) daughter(s) in the clip as well, haha.
haha - I'm the one with long hair. Playing the bass(SR885BK), and the ryt guitars. (Art320 and RG420). I do well with writing, riffing, etc. but can't hit a shred lick to save my life.

My daughter was the one in the princess outfit doing the little twirls and EPIC couch dive! haha - The other two girls are the main singers daughters. We wanted to keep the tune about having fun while making music and whats more fun that including the family! (The ones without opinions anyways) lol It was a blast for sure!