Figured I'd put a quick thread in about my experience building a Big Muff Pi kit from General Guitar Gadgets. I bought the kit from them (sans enclosure) and then got the enclosure from Pedal parts Plus in matte black.

Picture time! Heres my original enclosure design process. As it's the black russian variant, i was thinking, whats more Russian than some good ole Soviet submarines?

So then i settled on this design which is being painted by a co-worker of mine. I was never a fan of the original knobs so i opted to go with the MXR style knobs. Also opted to remove the star and will position the LED indicator in place of the star.

Like they always say, check all your parts first. Naturally with my luck, i had 5 left over resistors and was short 3. *face palm*

Got all the resistors down, so on to the other components.

PCB components soldered and trimmed up

Despite a small setback (reading the pot jack wiring directions backwards and having to desolder, than re-solder them) it probably took a couple hours to assemble. I did shoot a time lapse of the wiring process so i'll post a link up to that tomorrow for those interested in the actual complexity. This is my first time with PCB boards instead of point to point, and i think it was pretty good overall. i havent tested the components yet as the power jack has to be wired through the enclosure and im still missing the 3 resistors (which they immediately sent out when i emailed them).