I am looking to buy a Squire tele custom, the black one with two humbuckers. I play metal music with both shredding solos and slow sliding solos. I want to deck this bad boy out to with EMG 81/85's and a Kahlar Tremolo bridge. I have a Les Paul Custom with 81/85 and I love the sound of it but, Because of the different body shape and wood I was a just wondering if it would still as sound rich. I want a different looking guitar then the metal standard of both strat styles and lp's. I am looking to make this guitar in to a Helle-Caster Custom but, I am new to customizing any advise?
Skip the Kahler. For the effort and cost of installing a Kahler system, you might as well just not bother, save up and buy a guitar that has a vibrato to begin with. A Telecaster Deluxe (actually what that Custom is based on, I've no idea why they insist on calling it a 'Custom') is pretty much the hardest flat-top guitar to fit any kind of vibrato to, thanks to the pickguard dimensions. You can make Strat-style 6-screw vibratos work, and some Bigsby units, but virtually everything else won't work; the studs that such bridges pivot on smack against the pickguard, stopping anything from fitting properly.

As for the EMGs, you're going to get a 'snappier' tone because of the scale length, and I wouldn't expect it to sustain notes as well due to the slightly dodgy body wood and dubious construction, but the basic tone will be the same. You may wish to tune down a half step or use a very slightly thicker string gauge (for example, .0105 instead of .010) in order to get that ''richer'' tone.
Just remember that, like the Kahler, it's a false economy. Putting expensive pickups in a cheap guitar does not make it a good guitar. It is wiser, quicker and cheaper, in the long run, to simply put all your money into a guitar that is made well and has decent woods. You can always change electronics and hardware later, but you can't change what wood your guitar is made from, nor can you change how well the basic parts have been made.

Plus, honestly, using Telecasters for metal is very common, now. You can thank John 5, Stephen Carpenter and Jim Root for that. If being different is what you want then you'd be better off trying to make a heavy metal Jazzmaster or Musiclander or some such.
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Or start with a Jag HH, that way you've got two humbuckers in an offset. That'd be interesting. As for the 'blah blah squiers have shit wood' BS, I wouldn't buy it. I have a stock (other than a shoddy refinish and actually turned out well relic job) squier affinity strat that sounds and plays fantastic due to a good set up (including fret leveling) and GFS pickups. My bet is you'll get just as much 'sustain' out of a cheap squier than a custom shop tele. Go look up the andertons video where they compare teles blindfolded. They mixed up the custom shop tele with a squier!

Also as for fitting a trem? It'd be a fairly involved routing project but if that doesn't detur you then it is totally possible. As for the pickgaurd getting in the way? Well um cut the pickgaurd back?
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Thanks for the advise guys. I have been waiting to deck out a tele for a while and after reading a lot of reviews this will be a good starting point. I also was wondering about inlays. I want to have black block inlays but not want to have to route at all is this possible?