Hey guys,

Ive been playing for about 2 months now, and have just started learning faster picking songs like Opeth. Problem is I cant figure out where to rest my hand when I try and use a pick. If i rest it on the saddle, the picking is done about and inch before the sound hole and sounds really tinny. Is there some other way to rest your hand on acoustic so you can pick faster?

Cheers, Mitch
By "picking" I assume you mean playing fingerstyle... The decision to use some sort of anchor point is one that is a constant source of contention.... You will see threads pages long.
I don't, the only "anchor" point I have is my forearm resting on the upper bout of the instrument.
Some folks rest the pinkie on the face of the guitar.
If you only use two fingers, this is not difficult. However, I normally use three fingers, and since I don't have any degree of independence between ring finger and pinkie.... No anchor.

Watch the guy on the left. Palm on the strings... Thats how you do it if you dont want to anchor. It sounds tinny and muffled but you can play really really great that way. Unless you can balance with your whole hand all the way up off the guitar but most people think its hard to alternate pick fast that way. Check out the whole Friday Night In San Fransisco CD. Thats awesome. 2 of them pick that way and the other is fingerpicking.
Awesome that video is just what I was looking for! Thanks! And yeah I actually meant with a pick, for finger style i use my pinker as an anchor but that seems strange when using a pick.