Nice man! Playing was pretty siick!

I think what alot of home recordings have is that "Apparent" feel to them, like the guitar is playing over the song insteed of with the song if that makes sense. Try lowering the volume on the guitar or turn up the drums and then it will be perfect
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thanks a lot man! i'll certainly think of that for the next one i do, ill also be adjusting the EQ sweet spots for each instrument better. i'll try adjusting the mix now for a bit of practice!
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Amazing tone man ! love your guitar too. the camera effects were cool too. Congrats awesome cover man !. C4C?


thanks a lot dude! ended up reamping the guitars and sounds a shit ton better now, realized i totally messed up the eq zones for the instruments haha xD also, the Loomis is an awesome guitar, i cant see myself playing anything else.
and just checked your cover out, sick job!