Are the Wilkinson pickups worth a crap? Just not wondering. Don't have much money, and needing new pickups.
I'm pretty happy with my Wilksinson Tele pups.

Haven't fitted my humbuckers to anything yet though I'm afraid.
I have a set of Wilkinson humbuckers in a Vintage (the brand, not as in old) superstrat thing I own, and I absolutely love them.

Saying that, mine aren't an entirely normal set of Wilkinsons. It's a bit of a lengthy story, but having emailed Wilkinson asking for a model name/number and spec's, it turns out they were some kind of a prototype set that never got put into production - I have no idea why, but they're chuffing brilliant.

I think I'm right in saying that a friend of mine has some Wilkinsons (No idea on the exact model) pickups in an SG copy he has, and I've always found them to sound great.

IronGear are another brand worth looking at if you're on a tight budget, assuming you're in the UK.
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