Hey everyone, it's been ages since i've been here and posted something. I wrote a new song and I figured I would leave it here and see what you guys thought of it. It's been a long time since I have written anything so a little guidance on what I am doing wrong and what you like about it would be greatly appreciated.

In this song I sort of wanted it to be structured, but still have the riffs sort of jumbled up so you don't really expect whats going to happen. It was just a little experiment and I felt like giving it a try. I also made a version where a guitar solo just keeps going on for like another minute, but I decided to use this one because it was just dragging on forever.

Anyways thanks for checking it out!
I think you still have it man! The riffs were really heavy and in your face! I like the playing, its very tight and together! Thats somthing i like alot. Your like me and like adding in as many riffs that sound cool. I think it all goes well from my stand point. But you repeated the riffs more than once making it a great choice of riffs! I enjoyed the hole thing! The solo with the rhythm was badass. I broke everything! Mix was great and keep playing music man. You created good stuff!
the riffs were very tight. i especially liked the space between them- kind of like slate delays but they kept on beat and added variety to the flow of the song. the drums we're actually really smooth, especially the drums. metal drums tend to be very repetitive but this song they were surprisingly impressive. keep up the good work!
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Man this rocked! Some great riffs, very tight as jdenmo said. Also is that Dustie from btbam as your picture? Haha if not you have a similar face to him! I can't find much wrong with it except maybe the production, but I have super high standards and it still sounds good.

Also 'Gorgonites'...nice! I love Small Soldiers haha

Yup that's Dustie, I remember seeing that picture posted somewhere but now I can't find it anymore. Thanks for the listen!