White Lion - When The Children Cry solo (and a few diferent song covers to check out)

Hope the title makes sense.

Hello, I'm Dean Washburn and would like to invite you guys and gals to my youtube channel:

go to youtube and paste the following after the .com


And check out my covers.

Before you begin watching - I'm not the best at recording myself and performing superb all in one take, nor can I be arsed to edit a collection of recordings to make it seem so.

Consider it LIVE and well, enjoy.


What I've covered so far:

Vito Bratta's Solo in When The Children Cry

Marty Friedman's West cover - Not my best

Twisted Metal 1 Theme cover

Twisted Metal 2 Los Angeles cover (The Funnest I've covered so far)

I don't think there are any tabs for the twisted metals on here so anyone reading, post a comment and let me know if you'd want tabs.

Ok end of rambling. Thanks for reading and I look forward to your feedback.

P.S. please use constructive criticism rather than 'your shit' and no 'your "polished" shit' does not count :P
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