First off, I wasn't sure how to describe this track, I'm not sure what genre it'd really fit into, I guess 'electronic' is as good a description as any.

This piece started off as an exercise in minimalism, I was messing about with using different echoes to create textures over a descending pattern. It developed from there, I feel like I've taken queues from Aphex Twin, Djuma Soundsystem and the like as far as stylistic influences go. As the song develops it ends up sounding almost like Euro chill-out, which I personally quite like.

So I'm just looking for some feedback on this, eg.

General impressions on the piece?
How's the mix?
What should be added/taken away?
Any other comments?

Constructive criticism welcome!!

As always I'm fully dedicated to C4C, hit me up people!!

at the moment my track is only on my profile page, so if you go here:
it's titled 'Untitled track'

Also, if anyone has any ideas about what to name it, I'm all ears!!!

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Really nice track, I really like it a lot. My main problem is that you don't stay with the built up section long enough. It just gets going and is awesome but it stops too quickly in my opinion. You can really afford to drag it out a bit more cos it's such a great groove. The piano sounds ever so slightly muffled and could maybe do with a slight midrange boost. Even a limiter maybe to bring it out more.

Have you mastered it? I feel the whole mix could be slightly more punchy. I'd give it ago myself if you don't mind...

Upon listening again I find the whole mix slightly muddy as well, it might not be a case of just the tweaking the piano but the master output.

Anyways just my opinion, nice to listen to something decent on here.
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Hey, thanks for the reply! I appreciate the positive feedback! You may be right, I was worried about it getting too boring/repetitive but maybe if I were to add another melody or something I could extend the built up sections.

Nah I haven't really mastered it yet, I really pleased you've mentioned this, I'm still at the learning stage when it comes to mixing and mastering. If you wanted to have a crack at it I'd be more than happy to send it across to you! What exactly would you need, tracks wise?
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Needs more cowbell.

On a serious note though, nice track. a killer lead line in those heavy sections would have been cool though
Thanks buddy, do you have any examples of the kinda thing you think would work?
Fender 60th Anniversary Standard Strat,
Epiphone Les Paul ES,
Line6 Flextone III,
Laney VC15,
Some pedals,
Some recording gear.
Thank you for the review! Now your tune: nice intro! Interesting drums that seem slightly crunchy (which works for the most part: sometimes they seem a little too crunchy, maybe it's the combination with a synth; otherwise the audio quality is good). The intro & middle of the song seems like it would be well suited for a movie or TV show I think. The song itself is quite pleasant overall, and I like the use of delay on the keyboards. Nice song! I have been in Brighton before when I was 9 years old (a million years ago). Carry on!
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Hey dude, cheers for the reply! You may be right about the drums, I'm in the process of mixing/mastering now so hopefully it'll come out a bit smoother.

That's cool of you to say, I'm actually doing a degree in Composition for Media, so that may well be the reason why

Cool man, you should come back to Brighton, best place in the world!!!

Cheers for the replies people, I'd still like more opinions though!
Fender 60th Anniversary Standard Strat,
Epiphone Les Paul ES,
Line6 Flextone III,
Laney VC15,
Some pedals,
Some recording gear.
Sorry for late reply, you could just send me the master track as a wav so I can have a quick go at mastering it. It may need editing at a more fundamental level though.

I suppose the easiest way would be via a file hosting site and private message.
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yea that is a lovely track, lots of melody... Have to say I love the piano, the beat and the guitar.. The guitar totally took me by surprise, wasnt expecting it.. But its great

But you should stick that on youtube and soundcloud... Its a really solid tune..

Very nice mate

heres mine:

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The beginning piano thing was really pretty. Reminded me of like an ending to a sad movie. I didn't really care for when the bass drum first came in, but it was alright once the other drums came in with it. With the drums and little synth thing in the background it turned from a cinematic piece to a more eletronic piece, i suppose. I feel like the acoustic piece changes the direction you were going with the song a bit too much. The mood seems to change a bit often here, i think.
What you have is alright, I just think it needs more of a consistency in mood. The intro, electronic part, and acoustic part all have different moods to them imo.

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