Just picked this sweet pedal up. I haven't had much time to play, but what I've fiddled with, it's very cool. This is a pedal I'll need to mess around with a lot more because of all the options it has to control tone and delay.

Anyways NPD!!

Okay so I've had about 5 hours with it now and I can say that I'm impressed. Honestly I didn't know which delay to get and I probably would have been fine with a TC Electronics Flashback, but this had some really great options that I was looking for. The main one being tap tempo.

Honestly, with all the features and hidden effects (like reverb and all the other secondary knob things- which all work very well) I don't know if I'll ever find a perfect setting because I keep going back and forth. you can run this thing out stereo, which is awesome! It's got infinite repeats if you hold the tap button which makes for a lot of fun spaceship sounds (haven't gotten it to oscillate).

It's a little harder to dial in the tone you want because it all sounds great. The only tape echo I've heard is off of old albums and recording. I think the El Capistan sounds great! I've been told that hands down, it beats most other digital delay meant to model that tape sound. The Empress Super Delay I heard is pretty good too and it's a toss up between the two. It's like comparing apples and apples, there's small differences, but you still got an apple.

I'm still messing around with it and will continue to for a long time, but honestly, this thing sounds good just in general. I wanted analog for wicked oscillations so I was originally looking for one of those, but I kept coming back to the sound of this one. It's got everything I really need in a delay.

Also another awesome thing is that the two stomp switches are clickless.
This things sell for 300 new directly from Strymon and you can occasionally see them for like 260+ on ebay. I got this for 230 from a guy on craigslist. I felt no need to talk him down for such a great pedal. It's not very old. He said it's a month old, It's probably more like 3, but it sounds and works just like it should. Great deal if you ask me- so yeah I'm happy.

Also if you like to experiment, you can get crazy "warble-y" tape sounds that are just out of this world (I personally don't like to make it go that crazy and see no use to do so, but if that's your thing- this is THE pedal to get).
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Tis a very nice delay pedal indeed sir. You will have lots of fun with it.

(P.S. You might want to write a better review.)
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Tis a very nice delay pedal indeed sir. You will have lots of fun with it.

(P.S. You might want to write a better review.)

I need to. I'm still messing around with the knobs and switches. There's soo many sounds to this pedal. It's just fantastic!