Guys I'm thinking of buying an Ibanez s420 and to go with it a roland cube 40xl. Well, I would be replacing the stock pups with Seymour duncan distortion sh-6 in the bridge as I play mostly heavy metal and duncan jazz sh-2 in the neck for neat clean solos as I also play blues, really love Clapton. I really like the Ibanez ZR trem and think it's better than LFR, that's why I have chosen it over Ltd mh 50. Please help me out, is it a good choice along with the amp. If not, please suggest better guitars or amps. I dont see myself doing gigs in the near future, so will be using the amp at home for atleast a year. Budget - under or slightly above 500 $ on the guitar and 300 $ on the amp. I am also thinking of getting the Boss mt-2 for distortion.And I prefer floating trems over fixed bridges. Is this a good idea.?
I play heavy metal, thrash, thrash death, grindcore, nu metal etc. favourite band - Iron maiden, judas priest, megadeth, slayer, death

Thanks in advance.!
i'm not a huge fan of the way the s series play. just never really cared for them. rg feels a little better to me but i prefer esp of ibanez.

your amp is fine so i would take the total of that $800 and put it into a nice guitar. (**** that pedal btw, prepare for a shit storm over it)

here are a couple suggestions:



http://www.guitarcenter.com/Schecter-Guitar-Research-Synyster-Standard-Electric-Guitar-104017587-i1169286.gc (i know that one is a little flashy but they actually play pretty nice)

http://www.guitarcenter.com/Schecter-Guitar-Research-Hellraiser-C-1-Electric-Guitar-103135695-i1446249.gc (i personally own this and love it)


that should be enough to get you started. your gonna have the active vs passive debate as well. i dont mind actives and i think they are great and versatile, but for the iron maiden/priest kind of stuff you'll be more on the passive end. megadeth/slayer is more active. but, both work and sound great so i wouldnt worry too much about it