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thats perfectly normal
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you did the right thing
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you damn tosser you should of cleaned up after your self
2 67%
i feel your pain
1 33%
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So at my family's house for a get together and let me tell you the food was stellar but then something unforgettabley horrific happened so i'm sitting at the table when i feel something paw at my legs afraid of what it might be i refused to get up then it started to climb my legs and reach for my trouser snake i was getting quite nervous i let out a fear fart but to my bewilderment it was a mystic shart just when i thought it might be over then the furry beast (our cat colonial meowmentins) jumped on top of my flaccid friend and started to need my crystal balls like a spool of yarn my trouser snake rose in a intense furry and spurt i let out a wail and my face was as wide as a galactic hole my family rose in express surprise i tried to pass it off as a scroto spasm but just as i thought they started to believe my liquid mojo started to trickle down my legs and pool at my feet colonial meowmentins started to lick it up and hiss in a furnishing way the family toke note and rose from their seats to see what was up only to find a pool of my holy goo at my feet unable to explain i ran out of the house to gather my thoughts finally releasing my thoughts by following @imgliverd on twiter
I'm not going to follow, but... I have no idea what I just read....

......No seriously... what did I just read?
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If KFC is finger-licking good, then people would probably suck dicks for Popeyes. That's how good it is.

There's nothing left here to be saved
Just barreling dogs and barking trains
Another year lost to the blue line
sounds like you released more than your thoughts...

so yeah, I doubt this thread will be around very long. In fact, I suspect it will be locked before I post this.
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I'm not going to follow, but... I have no idea what I just read....

......No seriously... what did I just read?

the events of last tuesdays family Reunion.
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Get it? Queso!?!?!
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It's dubstep minor in E.

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I bet I'm gunna love Revolt #plottwist
No, you monkey man.

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Don't mind me.

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So a cat touched your balls... You soiled your trousers... And then you creamed?

I just re-read this and lost my shit
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You wouldn't have that problem if you didn't jerk off at the dinner table.

how else was my trouser snake suppose to defend his territory?
Have you taken an english class in the last twelve years?
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Your post was the only bright spot in this disgusting piece of thread.

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You have balls. I like balls....(awkward silence)

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I waited for the rape.


...but the rape never came
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So a cat touched your balls... You soiled your trousers... And then you creamed?

That pretty much sums alot of it up.
I gotta say, the phrase "mystic shart" does make me chuckle.
Your cat jerked you off? And how did it end up at your feet, did you not have pants on? Why am I even replying, this is stupid.
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what specs is your pc? like how much ram?

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