Just finished modding out my 93 MIA Stratocaster with new pups, pots, 5 way and mint pick guard. I was just having a trawl through some guitar decals and this caught my eye.

I've never been one for sig models, something about them makes it seem like your playing someone elses guitar. That being said, I thought this might be a nice tribute without going apeshit with a big SRV blazing it's way across the pickguard. Plus my strat is jade pearl (like a puke green), so it's about as far away from sunburst as you can get.

Then there's another part of me thinking "Jeez dude, bit naff" Especially 'cause the sticker looks straight out of the late 80's surfer scene, and y'know the whole "Here comes white lightning" that other guitarists are bound to think.

I suppose I could always yank it off later on if I decided I didn't like it.
Can you get one that reads "stock". Sort of ironic commentary or something like that. Or maybe "Stevie Who?"