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I've gotten a lot deeper into Wolfgang Amadeus and It's Never Been Like That lately, and I've been wondering, where do I go from here? Other than the other Phoenix albums I mean. I'm not looking for more music, instead I'm talking more along the lines of the way you'd recommend a Pavement fan The Fall or recommend Guided by Voices to somebody who really likes early Strokes.

As far as I can tell, Phoenix don't have any immediate precursors/obvious influences the way a lot of other bands do, and it's kind of frustrating. I'm specifically interested in their vocals/guitars/arrangements, if that's any help. I'll take what I can get though. Thanks!
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Daft Punk?
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It's dubstep minor in E.

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I bet I'm gunna love Revolt #plottwist
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Moving Units? (specifically Dangerous Dreams)

Or... The Sunlandic Twins by Of Montreal?

That is a kinda tough question. But I'm drunk and not very creative tonight.
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tokyo police club and the last dinosaurs might be up this alley
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-Passion Pit
-Neon Indian
-The Lighthouse and The Whaler
-The Morning Benders
-Two Door Cinema Club
-The Kooks
-Of Monsters and Men
-Jamie T.