So this was a thread idea from a long time ago. It kinda failed. Will probably fail again. But for everyone who wants to work on sight reading just a little bit each day it can be fun.

Please wrap your answer in spoiler tags so others can continue to guess. If multiple people post new lines, please quote the line you are answering. Don't forget the spoiler tags. Then go ahead and post your own. Or if you'd rather just guess, I'll check on the thread daily and can add one.

1) Please make it a well-known bass line. You could even just do a melody to a song as long you write it in bass clef

2) In the case the bass line is sampled, it'd be best if you guess the original version. But it really doesn't matter because the game's not about that. It's more about you getting a chance to work on sight reading.

Sound fun?

EDIT: I forgot to add the key signature of B♭/Gm. Whatever.
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^Dave--you may want to add tab to that since there are those folks who can't read standard notation.
somehow i think my intentions must have been lost in translation. lol. oh well. as long as people are having fun and playing bass i guess.