Hey guys this is my new song and im releasing it under the name IYI cause we are 3 now...vocalist from UK bands Gorath /Haar and the bassist of UK band Barshasketh will participate in my project aswell.The song is going to have lyrics later recorded and bass line too.If you like it please leave a comment or like the song in my YouTube channel .Thank you.

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not a big fan of this style of music at all, but i listened to it. i liked the guitar at the beginning, even though its really distorted and i think you could record it with better quality, i like the sound it makes. kinda rough but its nice. other then that, i think you could mix up the rhythm a bit and get a nice melody flowing, maybe some more drum solos and rolls?
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Well dude this isnt rock&roll every genre has its own characteristics and style of playing.Black metal is mend to be heavy distordet with not good quality and alot of blast beatings.That way it sounds more raw and natural but i share the idea for the drums cause im not verry good at it
Well this song isnt realy that techy ...maybe the right thig to say was extreme?
But for me technical black is that the riff is with chord which are hard to play on the tempo with some dissonance....not like Deathspell Omega lol im not at their class
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