Hi there,
Could anyone help me decide between a Gibson SG Menace and LTD Viper 500s/VIPER-2005 30th Anniversary?
The pickups are 490R Smoky Coils (N) and 498T Smoky Coils (B) on the Gibson Menace ; and EMG 81/85 on the Viper.
I play hardcore and believe the EMGs would suit my style better, right?
Also, is anyone aware of the differences between the LTD Viper 500s and the LTD VIPER-2005 30th Anniversary?
Thanks in advance.
I'd get the Gibson because it's generally a higher quality guitar.
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I've never heard of that Gibson, or smoky pickups... the LTD would probably be better for hardcore.

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Quote by Travelstone
they are both good.. but gibson guitars are not on the same quality level as LTD"s are!

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