Please help me with this, I am about to trade my EC 1000 + money for this, so i really wanna know if its fake or not.

Reason for doubting it, the ESP on the 12th fret seems weird, so does the esp at the tuning location, pleaseeee i really wanna know.

Looks pretty legit to me.
Here's a stock image I found of this guitar.

ESP Standard Eclipse I CTM VW
ESP LTD Deluxe H-1001
ESP LTD Deluxe Viper-1000 STBC
ESP Edwards E-EX-100STD
Warmoth Paulcaster "Tiger"
Tanglewood TW170 AS
Vox Tonelab ST
Blackstar HT-1R

Looks legit to me. That 12th fret marking was put on their "Sanskrit" models. It's a pretty nice guitar man.

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ahh thanks for the help guys i was trying to look for different models for the F, but somehow i couldnt find it on google lol hehe really appreciate it thx again!!
Do it!
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If you don't get that guitar the gods of music shall curse you to play like lil Wayne for all of your years.
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That's a ****ing great looking guitar, may I ask how much are you getting it for?