I took screens of the catalog because the website is not in English, pictures are linked below.



It's not a very big selection but I only took screens of the Jackson section - some background knowledge about me: I played classical guitar for about 2 years on and off, no biggie, then started electric and I'm playing that for a year now and I got really good considering the short amount of time I play it for. I am now bored with my current guitar because I think I can play better songs or at least have more fun with a new one. I'm into metal, all kinds, and am looking for a heavy guitar. I heard Jackson is one of the best in that category. Unfortunately this shop doesn't sell BC Rich which I would also like to try out so Jackson it is.

My current guitar (22 frets):


I like the V shape a lot, or anything that looks metal but sound quality comes first (and the feel), price doesn't matter.

Tl;dr I want a metal guitar that I can play more advanced songs with and feel awesome

PS: Forgot to mention, favorite bands are Testament Megadeth and Slayer, on and off bands are Dopethrone, Electric Wizard, Slipknot, Sepultura, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Anthrax.
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I like Jacksons just fine. Always been a Kelly fan myself JC30-KE is the kelly. The V's are also nice. Maybe put some new pickups in once you get it unless they have EMGs or Seymour Duncans installed already. The only thing I don't like is the fixed bridge is only on the lower priced models.
i think you should get the JS1-DNB or the DXMG
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Out of those, go for the DXMG or the WRMG
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Considering DXMG and JS30KE at the moment, between these 2 which one is better and is there a major difference in sound quality?
the dxmg is probably better (it's a higher-end model) but if you can still find one, a japanes-made pro series is probably what you want.
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Technically, he would be getting a Fender. They own Jackson now. Also, they make higher end Kellys too. Maybe email the cataloge peeps or phone them.