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I just bought Ultimate Guitar Tabs and everytime I'm launching it, it spits out these words: "Error contacting licensing server.". I can hit "Retry" button forever and it still can't check my license.

Android 4.2.1
Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Solution? Fix? Did I spend my $3 for an error message?
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Please connect via wi-fi and try to follow the instructions given below.

First of all
1. Clear data and clear cache of the Google Play store app.
2. Do the same but for Ultimate Guitar Tabs app.

3. Move the OFF/ON slider in the "Accounts & sync" to the ON position, if it is, start the Play Store app. Quit as soon as it is fully loaded.
4. Start Ultimate Guitar Tabs app.
5. If you get the same message saying "Error contacting licensing server", please don't tap Retry or Cancel, just quit.
6. Start the app again. If the problem remains, quit and start the app again.
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Thank you so much!

Maybe You should make a sticky thread with this solution?
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A couple of questions.
How do I clear data/cache data for a certain app?
Accounts and sync? What, where?

Edit: Figured it out. I only had to delete the cache data for Play store and Tabs to make it work
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It doesn't work with me...

I've cleared the caches and restarted the apps as you told... the sync was already ok.
any other solution?