Not sure if anyone can help me here but its worth a shot. A while ago the neck simply snapped on my cheap first acoustic guitar (a Yamaha). This guitar is sentimental to me though, so I would like to not just throw it away. The top of it has lots of cool stickers on it, so I was thinking if I could pop the top off of it somehow, then I could hang that on a wall or something.

At the guitar shop they said they couldn't do it without it costing like $400. I don't need this to be pretty. Any ideas on how I could detach the top of my guitar from the rest of it? Thanks for the help.
See below for picture of the seam between the top and the rest of the guitar which I am dealing with:

make sure you remove the strings im pretty sure you can just cut the top out with a saw or something even use a handsaw if youre careful enough
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My guess would be just go at it with a saw or something as you dont need to worry about maintaining any form of structural strength...
Yea, now that I am thinking about it more from the perspective of a butcher, I might be able to just slice it off with something wicked sharp like an exacto knife or something all around through the body. Then maybe just sand down any roughness if I felt like it. Would be tedious, but still.
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If all you want is the top, try using a heat gun or hot hair dryer to loosen the glue. Might damage the finish though.
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i cut the top off mine with a Dremel tool. i didnt cut the whole thing, i left a 1/2" lip for strucural rigidity. so with the face removed, i put in some simple shelves and now it hangs on my wall with my other guitars holding my capos,picks,snark and stuff.
if that's too tedious, i may "know a guy" with some M67 hand grenades if you don't have the patience to slowly cut it off.