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1) If I submit a tab request, how long does that typically take?
1b) If I had it in mind to speed up the process by say just paying someone for their time, how would I go about that?

2) Who is doing the actual work to write out said tab and what assurance do I have that they are competent at what they do? (Not that I've any complaints about the accuracy of any of the tabs I've found on UG, I'm just curious).
Dean Washburn
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1 - you'll have to wait until someone submits a tab for your request

1b - pretty sure you could try and train your ear to figure out some parts yourself and save money. Personally I don't know who you could pay. Possibly look for a local musicia or teacher to help you out.

2 - Any registered member of UG can contribute. The only way to judges ones 'tab' is the view count and rating though its all down to personal preference