Smallish hands here and looking for a neck that fits me. Where should i start? Are the Ibanez necks good for smaller hands?

Thanks in advance.
Start at the beginning and when you come to the end, stop. That said, neck selection is highly subjective, because width, thickness, back shape, string spacing, finish, and scale will all play a role. Go to GC or your nearest guitar shop with good selection and play, play, play until you find what you like. Start with whatever catches your eye, and move along. Just that simple, really.
there are no rules with necks and preference. you're going to have to go to a shop and just play everything. what works for one person might not work at all for another person with seemingly similar hands.
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As said by 4FunandProphet and krehzeekid, there really isn't a definite answer here. It's all based on opinion.

I mostly play 7 and 8 strings, but when I play a 6 string I prefer the thinnest and flattest necks possible. I have small-medium sized hands and that's what works for me. I have a friend with huge hands and he also prefers slim necks.

If you ask around enough you'll find both small and large guys that like Schecter's fat necks, Fender and Gibsons fat 50's necks, and so on.
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Honestly if your hands are too small for a regular guitar, I would consider looking into 3/4 sized instruments.

I have a big full scale jumbo fret Ibanez SR400 bass, and I couldn't reach fret 1 with my pointer and fret 4 with my pinky. I couldn't even do it on the smallest string.

But you will find this the hardest area and biggest area to try and get your hands on(fret 1-4). I can reach four frets away from anywhere else on the guitar. Its not about the size of my hand, but its strength and its stretchness. Once my hand got stronger, I was able to do fret 1 and 4, where I can hold my pointer on the fret one, and do my pinky on 4 for Blues Rock sounds.

But if 3/4 isn't the answer, I would look into slim taper necks, or 60's style gibson necks, they are my favorite. My fingers about as long as my mouse, or the battery plate of a comcast remote(just trying to find a comparison with something you might own)

So, work that hand out, get one of those planet waves hand gripers, and then also stretch your hands out each day. I have seen short people with small hands handle big instruments, but you just have to adapt to the situation.
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i play Gibson 50's and ibanez prestige necks. both. every day. i have huge hands, but i like either one.

but i also agree that the GIbson 60's neck is probably my favorite, but i use everything.
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Go for a neck with a smaller fretboard radius. Meaning, pick more vintage style necks over the Ibanez Wizard type necks.
Hand size doesnt necessarily dictate which one you find most comfortable. I have smallish to medium hand and I prefer 50s Gibson necks. I prefer if the neck fills my hand up nicely. Have a Epiphone Les Paul std with I guess a slim 60s neck, and its way too thin for my liking.
Can I suggest you try out a Fender Mustang? A 24" scale neck is a good help, then the actual profile probably changes from one Mustang to another.

I bought the Fender Mustang Pawn Shop Special as I have modestly sized hands and it was a lot easier for me compared to a Strat-clone or an Epiphone Les Paul.