Hi, if someone knows what tuning Scott Matthews has on his song "Myself Again" off "Whatever the night delivers" I would be very greatfull! If anyone knows the tab i would be even more greatfull.....

Are you sure it's in an alternate tuning? As far as I can tell it's a fairly simple chord progression in standard tuning (capo 3). I'll double check tomorrow when I've got my guitar.
Yeah i thought it was in standard but im pretty sure it isnt. The open notes on the high E arent E, and the G string im pretty sure isnt G, they are lower. Ive messed around based on what i can hear but i dont have it exact...
Yeah it's definitely standard tuning. The first chord goes like this -

(capo 3 and everything relative to it)


then when the singing comes in uses the same pattern over an F then Am etc.

Is you want me to tab the rest out I will but there's a start if you want to do it.
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Ok, i'll test it out when I get home from work. Mate if you could tab the rest out for me I would really appreciate it!

Sounds very similiar to the picking pattern he uses in Eyes Wider Than Before.....