We're glad to announce that metal & noise band WATERTANK just joined Solar Flare Records. Their next album SLEEPWALK to be released as a 12" LP with download card..

PRE-ORDER SLF009 :: WATERTANK - Sleepwalk 12" LP + MP3 card
(out April 27th, pre-orders get a 10% discount)

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From doom vibes (Holy Tranquilizer, Where It All Begins) to 90's post hardcore influences (Off The Radar, Ants In Suits, Quicksand), including Christmas carols (Sharp Beaks Strike Back) and prog rock style rip-off (Six Days), the band doesn't seem to fit under any particular category, focused on keeping things straight to the point with a melodic twist.
SLEEPWALK celebrates the 10th anniversary of french band Watertank and in the same time their debut album.

Infos :
:: 250 black LPs
:: Thick jacket covers
:: Price : 12.00€ (10.8€ with pre-order discount) + shipping

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Not really my style of music (no offence), but very tight. Pretty good production. Keep it up!