Hello everyone

When I'm jamming along too a random track, or just hear one in my head, I always imagine a little 'sequence lick' to go down the ladder, if you get what I mean...

So I try to tab out what's in my head, but just cannot figure it out.

Now the problem is that I can't let you hear it because it's in my head, obviously...
So I just put the thing I tabbed out here, and then please adjust my tab, in order to make it cooler/better to your opinion, and hopefully our licks will meet in the middle...

So herer it is: It's in a minor pentatonic (however if you feel like it should have the 2 and 6, feel free) index on the 5th fret (I don't know how you call that patern, it has a different name everywhere I go... )

(BTW: Don't know how to put a tab on a topic, so just do it this way...)

| -5--------------------------- |
| --8-5-8--------------------- |
| ---------7-5-7-5-7-5------ |
| ------------------------7-5- | -7-
| ------------------------------ |

Low E string is missing, because we don't need it
This are meassure 2 and 3, so 1 is missing, it's a bend...
Tempo is about 60 BPM, slow, groovy blues/rock , in 2/2: so all the notes are 16th triols

So the notelenght is the same troughout.
It kinda sounds like the beginning of the Stairway to heaven solo.

Thanks in advance
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