That guitar riff is tasty!!
It was nice mate, so nice, that I gave it a double listen.
Keep the good work up!! Cheers!
thanks doood. i remixed this but again, i'm using it to try out new software and techniques i'm reading (secrets of mixing in the small studio).

put socks in the ported holes in my monitors. bass sounds better now, but not worth posting. ..... actually i've just replaced the file with this last mix and it still works on the last link there.

it's like body building. you can work on the major muscles a lot of the time (tunes) but eventually you have to work on them support muscles (recording) or you're just another puffy bow flex loser who weighs 170 lbs but has arms and chest of an olympic weight lifter, if you know what i mean.
I heard the first mix a few days ago. This latest mix is a big improvement, if my memory serves me correctly. The song could use some good vocals, but otherwise it sounds pretty good! Audio quality is OK, but could be better. Playing is good. Keep working on the tunes man!