Trapped in a corner
Waiting for your messiah
To free you from the bonds you built yourself

And for all we know
No one is coming
Betrayed by a lie you concocted in your head

To hell with it all
Rumors spurring hatred
Opinions portrayed as facts

Leave it alone
Prodding the wound
Only permits it to grow

A pacifist
Conflict avoidant
To the point where it starts fights

Bottling self-loathing
Keeping it warm
The heat off your head incubates it

Every day
Running a rut in my mind

Every day
Slowly going blind

Every day
Scratching at the sore

Every day
Hearing things I can't ignore
I really love the uses of the words incubates and concocted in here. The flow of this song and the repetition of Every day works wonderfully. Very good job!