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I'm looking to get back into the fold after not playing since high school (over 10 years ago now). Want to pick up a used lefty acoustic, slim pickings online in my area right now. I did come across this Crafter ATE 70CEQL-DQS w/ hardshell case, but the guy is asking $600 (OBO). I think it may be overpriced, however, I can't find any info online to backup my hunch, so please, if anyone out there has ever seen this model for sale (he says its 4 years old and brand new) let me know what you think the retail is on it!!

Thanks a lot!


ps. I did look through the Crafter homepage and couldn't find that particular line anymore
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Well, judging by the "tiger maple top", the guitar is laminated. So, "in my humble wild guess", it isn't worth 6 bills.

I found this classified for a right hand version: http://www.e-classifieds.me/view-listing/2797789183.php at $275.00! However, its hard to compare wear and tear through a photo, the ad is a month old, it doesn't mention a case, and you wouldn't be able to play it anyway.

Crafter uses L.R.Baggs electronics, which are as good or better than anything else.

The particular preamp in that Crafter, doesn't have a built in tuner. (That's typical of the older Baggs units).

The linked classified mentions that Crafter makes all of Breedlove's "Atlas" series guitars. Which, if that's true, kind of explains why they all have the same electronics packages as my Crafter D8-LH 12 string, but cost twice as much...

(Incidentally, my 12 string cost $499.00 + 60 for the hardshell case, has a solid spruce top, and a later Baggs with a tuner (no cutaway though)).

You only recourse for a reasonable shot at valuing this guitar, is to hit the Crafter US homepage again, and look at the dealer listing. The phone is your friend. Perhaps if you take some time and call around, someone might remember the model. Don't expect toll free numbers, these are smaller dealers.

Crafter guitars have a fine reputation in Europe where they're more widely available.
Adirondack Guitars stocks a wide variety of LH guitars, acoustic and electric including some Crafters, and Dennis might be able to help you with this issue:

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Thanks so much for that reply,

It has really given me some direction towards this purchase. Great score on the comparable as well, I can use that as a bargaining chip. I'm going to take your advice and man the phones to get some first hand info on these older models before making an offer.

Appreciate your time!