I have been playing for a solid year now. I practice daily for a couple hours at a time, and i have made some awesome strides in my playing. However, I am now starting to feel like I am plateauing. I finished some goals like the stormy monday solo,san ho zay etc and i was pumped. Now I dont know what to do next. I feel its because when i try to play to a backing track i cant incorporate the cool licks and riffs that i have learned into my own. Its like I get lost in thought and I end up doing what sounds like my first attempt at soloing. Any advice on how to push through this funk or any help with how i can progress to the next level would be greatly appreciated. -TK
If you feel like you're getting lost then I would suggest you just need to think a little differently: don't think about licks or anything like that, imagine what you want your solo to sound like and then go from there.

As for what to practice... learn theory, transcribe things by ear, learn more songs, start writing your own music. Your options are very much open.
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Yes! Dont limit yourself to a dozen songs and say "ok im good" Never settle you gotta keep going. And always learn different artist. You will learn as you play these new tunes how they approach different scales of note patterns. And try lead licks in different parts of the neck that can bring up new i deas ir play it backwards! (thats just silly but fun!)

Now im a visual learner so i watch players and see how they do it. Nothing beats watching the pro's do what they do best. You might find inspiration that way.

But most importantly dont work yourself to hard. Your brain can only take so much info at one time. Take breaks in between songs or if you get stuck on a lick and its frustrating the crap out of you. Read that from the Vai. Take your time no one has a gun to your head. You have years to learn. Just have fun.
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