Hey guys, list any great songs with relatively simple bass playing... my favourite to learn is Guns N' Roses - Coma
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Well; Duff McKagan is a pretty talented guy, so he's going to throw a few licks into even a simple song. He also plays in Drop-D quite a bit, but even so you should be able to learn most GNR stuff without too much trouble. If you are looking for something easy but on the heavy side, go to the tabs section of this site and check out the offerings from AC/DC. You should have no trouble with most of their catalog, and some of them are fun to play.
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I love GNR and Duff McKagan! And BTW, Coma is one of my favorites to play on bass too!
If you like Guns & Roses then perhaps learn some Cult basslines......they tend to be very straightforward. For instance "She Sells Sanctuary". A lot of their later stuff is in Drop D too like the poster above mentioned re Duff.