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This is a PSA. I don't work for ESP/LTD or musiciansfriend. I just like guitars. But musiciansfriend is having a deal today, where the EC-1000 is 550 bucks.

It's only for today though, so if you're looking for a new guitar (they come with Duncans also) that's versatile as ****, this guitar is usually 850 brand new. And having played this guitar extensively, believe me when I say that 550 for it new is an AMAZING deal.

Unfortunately, I just bought a Warmoth, so I am no longer able to capitalize on this but for the rest of you guys, enjoy!

Mods, if this somehow violates any advertising rules, I'll take it down.
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Too bad i'm not in the US.
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damn thats a hell of a deal! not my favorite finish but if i had the spare cash i would definitely snag one of these.

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Not gonna lie that's an extremely good deal. I think I got mine for $600 used.
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