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Hi guys,

This song is really driving me mad, i want to learn how to play it but i cant figure out where some of the notes are, its between G and Em (i think) but there are some notes in the arpeggio that arnt in those chords( hope that makes sense) and i would be MASSIVELY appreciated if someone could help me out.



Thanks For reading.
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If you're referring to the intro, it's a minor9 chord followed by a minor chord.
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Gm9? im not sure thats right, whats notes are you playing in that chord G - A# - D - F - A ? because that sounds wrong. any advice?
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Intro goes like

E |----------------------------|----------------------------|
B |----------------------------|----------------------------|
G |-----------0----------------|-----------0----------------|
D |--------4-----4-------------|--------4-----4--------0----|
A |-----2-----------2-----2----|-----2-----------2----------|
E |--3-----------------3-------|--3-----------------3-------|




Bars are like.. Gm7 (no 5), Em, Esus4, Gm7, D/A, Em, Esus4/Em
Edit: Bar 6 you can obviously play as open strings first to make it easier. G = ghost note, it's there but not accentuated
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