My fellow guitaricans! I have a question of utmost importance! A question so prodigiously important, just attempting to gauge how important it is will cause your brain to divide by zero, and then the shitstorm arrives, and then ketchup will start coming out of your nostrils, and then you'll be like, "hmm, this shit is goood ketchup!" but then all of a sudden, you're doing a ketchup commercial, but then you get fired!! IN SPACE!!!
Yeah, sorry bout that I was just wondering if one of guys and your finely tuned ears could perhaps tell how I can achieve the same distortion sound as heard on the band Running The Risk? They did a cover of war pigs, as an example, so you could search on youtube "Running The Risk war pigs"... Why is linking to youtube forbidden..? Oh well...
I would kindly appreciate any help in the matter, friends! Thanks!
I'm not quite sure what you're looking for here......pretty basic distortion.

Get a some high gain amp(marshall/mesa/engl). If that isn't an option get a pedal that will crank your current amp up, or at least get you some good sound.

Honestly you are just going to have to experiment with what you have, or can get. Look at youtube reviews of amps/pedals and see what sounds good.

Linking to YouTube isn't forbidden. Hence, a quick Google search brings up this:

And that is the most basic, middle-of-the-road Gibson & Marshall tone. Get any guitar with a lot of mahogany and rosewood in its construction, make sure it's got some low-medium output A2 humbuckers in it, plug in to a JCM800 (or one of the many JCM800 copies) and crank it.
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I think youtube links are forbidden if you are a new user.
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Thanks for the info guys! Very informative!
I have one last question... is it possible to achieve a similar sound with a telecaster modern? I really really like the guitar, and I tried a les paul studio at shop and was kinda underwhelmed, so if possible I'd prefer the telecaster, but I want to know what you guys think.