Hello everyone, Im back with the last part of the song im trying to put together. This isnt the finall mix as theres some buzz from my guitar in the mid section. (I have to fix my noise gate) but let me know what you guys think. Its very short, but the full song when put together should be 6min + with vocals. Enjoy

P.S dont mind the Justice For All pic. -u-;

i like the chords man. what are they? this song has a really metallica feel to it, i hope thats what you were aiming for. the lead is good too, only thing i would recommend is to move it a bit lower in the fret to mix it up. the pitchy is a bit too high in most songs and becomes repetitive. i like what you did around the 1:02 mark with the echo in the background as the drums kick in. the drums sounded kind of like a dance-beat instead of the typical super fast drum machine or slower metal drums, which gave this song a distinct sound. overall, good stuff man.
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Thanks! I would have to make tabs out for you as i dont even know what chords they are called, but it stemmed from the intro chords. Im trying to take the song to another place and add interesting structure with the drumming
Very nice, and the pic fits with it too tobe its not my taste, but it fits in a 80's metal. It actually reminds me a little of opeth. It was really cool when the drums kicked in. It could have bern a little longer though. I dont really know what more to say.
Its pretty cool, I like the intro. After that when the drum kick in it sounds good, but it does get a little repetitive and almost like the song is ganna go somewhere but never does. Could be longer as well, I would have enjoyed hearing a couple other riffs and parts to extend the song. Over all I liked it, cool stuff for sure.